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Social Rides, Health and Fitness, Making New Friends

Banyule BUG aims to provide rides suitable for newcomers with the objective of becoming a regular rider.

Friday 9.30am and the  Sunday 9.00am are the rides that cater for newcomer riding abilities.

Ride Selection for  Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri


The Lycra group rides longer distances, slightly faster, stops for breaks in parks and other interesting places and take BYO food and coffee/tea.  Coffee shop sometimes.

Contact:- Maurie A on 0409 186 082 for more information.

Jul/Aug 9.00am Tuesday & Sunday, 8pm Wednesday

May/Jun 9.00am Tuesday & Sunday, 8pm Wednesday


The Wed 8pm night ride provides an alternative time for busy people,  lights required. Contact Lou  9459 6887.

Thursday 9.00am A weekly leaderless 40 km loop - Yarra Trail, Koonung, Mullum and Yarra Trail home, stop at Pettys Orchard Cafe to refuel and chat.


The “Latte’ Group” Tue & Fri 9.30am rides are at a relaxed pace and stop at Cafés for lunch & coffee.

Contact:- Leigh J. 9432 9720  for more information.


We can help you improve your riding technique, get the best out of your bicycle and to ride safely.

You can always find a member with whom you can discuss any proposed new purchases or maintenance issues.

If the Forecast Temp for Melbourne is 33deg or more the Latte Group ride start time is changed to 8.30am

  Latte Group Ride Maps

2020 9.30am  Tuesday & 9.30am Friday (Arrive 9.15)